Born Wrong​/​Kleins96 split 10"

by Born Wrong/Kleins96

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released July 31, 2012



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Born Wrong/Kleins96

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Track Name: Born Wrong - Burn a Debt
Company is restructuring
Landlord, he wants his rent
Collection agency is at your door
You went from working
to just (plain, dirt, fucking) poor

Cash register is open
Sub machine gun is loaded

This is your fucking system
that I have to adhere to?
Oh no I'm here to.... burn a debt

The poverty industry
Every fucking day.
What the fuck do you need now?
We run your fucking rat race
to the ground
Now you wanna take it all
This is your fucking system
I have to adhere to?
Burning... burn a debt.
Track Name: Born Wrong - Party Banter
Don’t expect me to follow you through
the vague and mindless swarm
Rather light a ballot on fire.
Maybe that will keep us warm
First past the post
for another set of empty promises
Lining fucking pockets
of a bunch of simpletons

You think they’ve got the answers.
They don’t have a fucking thing
I can’t wait to be the one who says
“I fucking told you so”

Satisfaction with our new masters
You think you’ve got a fucking
option but its deception.
You think they’re a new clear voice
you better think again
You are the target of their market
a niche catchment
you’re a numbskull piece of shit
Track Name: Born Wrong - Another Enemy
A few more words, another enemy
It don’t mean shit to me
Nothings going to change
I’ve heard it all before
An act that I perform
Going through the motions
You’ve done it all before
You sound like another enemy

Stripped away, I was great,
I’ve done it all
It was then, fuck right now,
I know how.
Going through the motions
I’ve heard it all before
You sound like another enemy
Going through the motions
You’ve done it all before
You sound like another enemy
Another enemy.
Track Name: Born Wrong - Promise of the Godless
From an intermediary
uttering visions at your wounds
To a snake oil imam
blessing warehouses of poultry
While the continent he prays for
withers away. The price decay.

From a people’s fable of escaping
the tragedy of repression
To the slaughter of
another desert enemy
Facade of their progress
“concentration” of their fate…
Am I right?

Finally a mosaic of them all
With the power
and the price tag without the fall
And a sprinkle of elusiveness…
oh yes… but wait then…

Everybody screams ‘Burn the book
and bury the weak.’
Track Name: Kleins96 - The Kids Don't Care
Gone are the hordes, the glorious shitheads
Who knows what’s scribbled on notebooks today?
If the rebellion’s alive, this is not their sound
The moment’s passed, we’ve been replaced
Like the Elks the alumni still gather
in uniform, ritual in tact
Throats hoarse, fingers burnt
from carrying the torch for too long

We’re old, we’re self-aware
And the kids don’t care
Still passionately aware
And the kids don’t care

Are we a traveling circus coming to town?
A nostalgia trip for grown-up bad seeds?
It’s supposed to be a beacon of dissent
And they might read about it on their Twitter feeds
Where’s the gnashing of teeth and all the bruises?
The flyers, pulled beer and all the shitty bands?
We can only give blood for long
Before someone re-writes the protest song

This will never chart or hang in a gallery
It’s stolen art that pays no one’s salary
And that’s fucking fine
Track Name: Kleins96 - Eucharist
I swear that I’m gonna win this time
No more second place to
fucking half-wits past their prime
My throat tears,
I scream but no one hears
They’re blinded by some fable
Reason falls upon deaf ears

You won’t find what you’re looking for
You won’t find truth in white-washed folklore
And I’m not listening
as you can see me walking out the door

The blank stare,
you’re an empty fucking shell
Confused by what to fear,
your vengeful god or a burning hell
It’s not fair, you’re another casualty
Chalk full of Christian values,
your forced imposed morality

Body and blood
The voluntary heist of the souls
who dine on Jesus Christ
You wont find truth inside
some book you read
There is no truth.
Your god is dead.
Track Name: Kleins96 - Yafa
These words aren't light,
or taken for granted
the way a million miles of sky
above the highway is for me
These tanks, these troops
are on your Visa bill
Zion, incorporated with impunity
We are the guards, the architects
Do you know the blood
that’s on your hands?

Go to sleep, and dream of terror
of a nation of savages cutting throats
of a promised land and a chosen few
and battle lines drawn
across the evening news

Now wake up and try to breathe
It's 40 degrees and the army
didn't turn on the water this week
The prison cell you may be born or die in
is manifest of an entire globe
screaming fuck you

Where do we go from here?
This is right now

It's not good or evil, black or white
Can't dance around basic human rights
Fuck the border, try crossing the street
There is no god that
would not let them free

How can you sleep when your
beds are burning?
I refuse to let you ignore this
"Occupation" is not a protest rally
it's a real living hell
Track Name: Kleins96 - The Rot
One day let me throw it away
All that’s left is rot and decay
I’d pay to see it put in its place
You have to dig up the roots
and poison its base

What’s left in this world
to make me feel free?
Is it the warmth of my gun
or the shade of a tree?
Tell me why in the fuck do I
want more than enough?
When it feels so good
just to laugh and to love

Why does change
make us feel so strange?
Especially when it is meant
to ease the pain
of a day that we fill with mistakes
Accepting the lies
and praising the fake

Take a step back
and allow me to breathe
Fill my lungs up with scum
and my blood with disease
Feeling the grit flowing
straight to my heart
There’s no need for an end
because we’re fucked from the start